Free legal assistance is available for Arizonans impacted by the financial crisis who meet eligibility requirements. You may need legal help if:

  • Your home was foreclosed on through the auction process and the price paid at the auction was more than the amount you owed to the lender
  • You get papers that say your home will be sold or your mobile home will be repossessed
  • Your home was sold while you were in the loan modification process
  • Your bank loses your papers or you cannot get a hold of the bank
  • Your payments are not being credited to your mortgage account properly
  • You think you got a bad loan or you don’t understand the loan terms
  • You bought a home from a person who is not following the contract terms
  • Your Homeowner’s Association is threatening to sue you to collect fees
  • Your excessive debt, wage garnishment, unexpected medical issues or loss of employment puts your mortgage at risk
  • You are being evicted from a rental home because it was sold in foreclosure
  • You paid money to someone who promised to help you with your mortgage, but they did not help

Free legal assistance is available to individuals who qualify for the program to provide emergency and extended services to:

  • Preserve the home
  • Prevent or delay foreclosure or eviction
  • Resolve contract disputes
  • Attain loss mitigation program benefits
  • Dispute homeowner’s association excessive fees
  • Provide referrals to other agencies 

To find out if you qualify contact one of our legal services partners: