The Arizona Attorney General’s mortgage loan program, The Arizona Mortgage Relief Fund (AZMRF) is no longer accepting applications.  Consumers who submitted applications to the loan fund before April 2, 2015, will continue to be served to determine their eligibility for the assistance. 

If you have questions regarding an application, please contact your housing counselor, or the loan administrator Trellis (formerly Neighborhood Housing Services) at 602-258-1659.

There are other state and federal assistance programs that may provide relief to distressed homeowners burdened by an unaffordable mortgage or who are in danger of foreclosure.  There might be help, even if you’ve been turned down or ineligible, in the past. Click on “Find a Housing Counselor” for agencies in your area that can help you work with your lender or direct you to additional resources.

  • Save our Home AZ (SOHAZ) – Hardest Hit Assistance
    Administered by the Arizona Department of Housing and provides assistance to eligible Arizona homeowners in the form of unemployment/underemployment mortgage assistance to help with principal reduction assistance for modification or eligible refinance, reinstatement of delinquent payments, second lien elimination and short sale assistance. Learn more here.

For Help with Affordable or Subsidized Housing:

AZ Public Housing Authority - Section 8

HUD - AZ Rental Help

Or, contact your city or county housing department for information.